Transform Managers into Leaders

Tranformation of Manager to Leader

  Are you tired of having managers who only manage, but don’t lead? Do you wish your organization had more effective leaders who inspire their teams, drive change, and deliver results? If so, it’s time to invest in a leadership training program that can help transform your managers into leaders. Leadership is not just about…

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King Charles: The First 100 Days

King Charles portrait

  As King Charles III begins his first 100 days as King, he faces a unique challenge: leading an institution steeped in tradition and history, while adapting to the modern world. The first 100 days of his reign will be crucial in setting the tone for his leadership, as he navigates the expectations of both…

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Write Down Your Core Values

Manager speaking to group of people inside room

When applying for a job in any organization you’ll probably want to know the core values of this organization. However, we hardly reflect on our own values.  Most people have a set of personal values that influence their decisions and how they live. These values and principles are the personal core values. These are the…

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My Organization Doesn’t Invest in My Development

woman working in cafe

Invest in Yourself! 5 Great Resources to Get You Started (Leadership Training Near Me). Most companies, especially growing companies or startups, don’t have the time or money to send you to management or leadership training. So, don’t complain about it, do something about it. As Warren Buffett said: “The best investment you can make is in…

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New Manager? Don’t Leave Your Leadership to Chance

writing a checklist

10 Proven Steps to Being a Successful New Manager You’re a new manager, it’s exciting, overwhelming, and extremely important to get it right from the start. Don’t wing it! Your management and leadership style will impact the lives and careers of your team members and their families — for better or worse. Take it seriously and…

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I’m a New Manager…What Do I Do on Day 1?

new manager

It can be daunting to take the responsibility of leading a team, especially as a new manager. You have worked hard for this opportunity and because you have an intimate understanding of how a manager can influence your career (good, bad, ugly) — you want to ensure things get off on the right foot. I…

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