Thinking About Selling Your Business? Avoid Expensive Brokers & Discover EquityWell.

We focus on acquiring owner operator businesses to provide sustained income and an exit for owners looking to retire or transition.

We Advise

We have worked for and with some of the best companies in the world, to include Google, Honest, Lindora, and Citi Bank. Armed with that knowledge, we provide advisory services to help your business strategize, grow, or prepare for an exit.

We Operate

Our DNA comes from being operators.  Moov Group’s founders have over 50 years of successfully operating some of the best companies in the world.  We bring our operational prowess to your team to drive efficient and effective growth.

Client Success

I am grateful to the Moov Group for introducing me to the EquityWell buy-out concept. It allowed me to transition out of my environmental solutions company gradually, while still being connected to its growth. The firm’s expertise in structuring a deal that aligned with my long-term goals made the entire process a win for everyone involved. – John V

Opting for structured sale with the Moov Group was a brilliant decision. It allowed me to stay involved in the growth of my business, while also reaping the financial benefits. Their strategic approach to structuring the deal ensured a win-win situation, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. – Daniel J

The EquityWell option for the sale of my business was a game changer for my family and me. It provided me with the flexibility to participate in the future success of the company I had built. Moov’s expertise in structuring the deal terms made this decision not only financially rewarding but also personally satisfying. – Lisa C

Moov Group’s team was invaluable in selling our IT business. From streamlining our operations to presenting a compelling business case to potential buyers, they demonstrated a level of professionalism and strategic thinking that significantly contributed to the success of our sale. I wholeheartedly recommend their services. – Kelvin M

Preparing our residential services business for sale was a complex task, but Moov Group’s expertise made it a smooth journey. Their understanding of our industry, coupled with meticulous due diligence, resulted in a sale that maximized the value of our business. – Mark L

Working with the Moov Group was a game-changer for our business sale. Their strategic insights and meticulous planning not only increased our company’s valuation but also made the entire process seamless. I highly recommend their expertise to any business owner contemplating a sale. – Jenny B