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The Moov Group’s Pyramid of Business Success ™

What level of the Moov Pyramid is your business currently at?

Max Value Creation pyramid

Some of the High-Stake challenges we have helped business Leaders solve

How do I right-size my business?

Turn-around consulting

Time-bound events that require immediate planning and action

Personnel loss, critical event business
planning, and management

How do I build high performance teams?

C-Suite & Middle Management coaching

Organizational development & effectiveness

Team & culture building

Executive search

How do I improve my margins?

Operational process evaluation and improvement

Sales operations and process

Process evaluation, creation & development

Is my strategy aligned
with the current market

1-5 year strategic planning

Strategic accountability and communication

Strategy deck creation and delivery planning

How do I grow my business?

Market & Brand Positioning

Go to Market Strategy

Product Development

Supply Chain Management

How do I get my time back?

Temporary & Strategic Resources plus Staffing

Fractional Chief of Staff

Comprehensive Work Plans


The Moov Group was founded out of the desire to help leaders maximize the value of their people, products, services, and processes.


Founded by Pete Ricci and John Tangredi, both of whom have had roles in Fortune 500 companies, startups, and world class organizations as executives, operators, and managers. Pete and John have a passion for helping leaders achieve their goals and hate seeing great executives and operators caught up in the chaos of the day-to-day grind of fire drills and incompetencies.

Who We’re Not...

We are not your board, your owner/investor, your spouse, or your direct reports.

Therefore, We Can Be...

Objective, un-biased, non-judgmental, discrete and a trusted partner.

Our Team

Peter Ricci

Pete Ricci

Co-Founder, Managing Director

John Tangredi

John Tangredi

Co-Founder, Managing Director

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