Helping Businesses Maximize Value 

Our proven methodologies have helped some of the worlds best organizations win!

What We Do

Pre-Sale Support

We help stage businesses for a successful sale

Post Acquisition Support

We help new business owners navigate the first 100 days

Leadership Development

We train good managers to become great leaders

How We Do It

The Moov Group’s Pyramid of Business Success ™

Our methodology starts with identifying where your business is on the Moov pyramid and helping you lead it to the top.

Max Value Creation pyramid


The Moov Group was founded out of the desire to help leaders maximize the value of their people, products, services, and processes.


Founded by Pete Ricci and John Tangredi, both of whom have had roles in Fortune 500 companies, startups, and world class organizations as executives, operators, and managers. Pete and John have a passion for helping leaders achieve their goals and hate seeing great executives and operators caught up in the chaos of the day-to-day grind of fire drills and incompetencies.

Who We’re Not...

We are not your board, your owner/investor, your spouse, or your direct reports.

Therefore, We Can Be...

Objective, un-biased, non-judgmental, discrete and a trusted partner.

Managing Directors

Peter Ricci

Pete Ricci

Co-Founder, Managing Director

John Tangredi

John Tangredi

Co-Founder, Managing Director

Who We Have Helped